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Educating to Financially Empower

Financial Literacy – Managing your money made easier

Financial awareness is a topic that has been gaining relevance over the past few years, given the growing importance of building and maintaining a reasonable net worth and cashflow to get through the later stages of life. Changes in income levels and attitude to saving have made people take a long hard look at where their money is deployed. And thus the need for an expert or know how in this field.

To provide this know-how, Fintelligence Training and Consulting conducts programmes that are specifically focused on financial awareness and preparing individuals to manage their monies.

Aim of the Programs:
  • Educate on investments (products) and factors affecting their investments.

  • Impart practical knowledge on financial planning, thus enabling the participants to choose what is best suited to their individual needs.

  • Equip the participants to manage their finances in an informed manner.

  • Post the program the individual will have more self-confidence and a better understanding of how to manage finance, optimise his/her financial partnerships and choose right financial instruments.

    Given the complexity of the topic and changing requirements at different stages of life, there are three distinct programmes that are on offer:

  • Fintelligence: is the basic program which provides steps to start your financial journey and is designed for new recruits, as a value add given by the employer during induction and orientation programs.

  • Fintelligence Smart Investing: is designed for mid-management level professionals, who have already made the initial foray, but need to adapt to changing circumstances or need to make mid-course corrections.

  • Fintelligence A Step Ahead: is a financial planning session for senior level professionals above 40 years.

  • To know more log on to www.fintelligence.info

    An interesting fact of investing is that most women leave this to some other member of the family. We have on offer a specific programme, Womantra, designed for women, professional or otherwise, aimed at enhancing financial awareness among women and empowering them in financial matters.

    To know more log on to www.womantra.info