our story

Our journey has been an awakening. The founding members together have over 35 years in Retail Banking and Wealth Management across various banks like Citibank, Deutsche, HSBC and Standard Chartered and across roles including Branch Managers, Wealth Managers and Private Bankers and Relationship managers, with focus on advising clients on how to manage their monies.

Fintelligence Training and Consulting germinated from our experiences and learnings from meeting with various clients across the spectrum. Our key findings, which led us to set up Fintelligence, was that the entire client base worked hard to earn their money, but did not spend enough time or effort managing the same and largely took solicited or unsolicited advice without corroboration. The other key learning, the basis for Womantra, is that women do not make any financial decision and are mostly unaware of their investments.

We strongly believe that investment in knowledge gives the best interest. The point is to understand where how and for what you are investing and to manage risk, reward and the final goals.

Our aim through our financial awareness programs Fintelligence and Womantra is to educate and empower. The primary goal of these programs is to inspire greater self-confidence in individuals on financial matters. The program helps making financial decisions, including understanding products, selecting products, making asset allocation decisions, monitoring and managing ones own funds. It makes the individual self sufficient in taking their own financial decisions rather that completely rely on third parties. We are in effect giving away the inside story and sharing our experiences of being trusted advisors.

Finally, to fellow bankers, successful bankers are those who have successful client relationships. We also conduct various Banking, Financial Services and Wealth Management Programs and also provide additional sessions on the making of successful Relationship Managers, through our Corporate Training programs.

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